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Capitol TwinPeaks boosts expat segment confidence in Sri Lanka real estate

September 2019 – Capitol TwinPeaks, the flagship residential venture of the Sanken Group, located on the Beira lakefront in Colombo 2, has recorded an increase in Sri Lankan expatriate interest in both the residential project, as well as Central Colombo’s luxury apartment market segment.

Speaking with Sri Lankan expat and Group Managing Director, Dart Global Logistics – Charles Wijesundera, said, “Sri Lanka afforded me the opportunity to build my career. Even after having left the country more than 13 years ago, my love for this country has not diminished.”

Wijesundera migrated to Australia in 2006 with his family, after having cultivated a strong foothold in the freight forwarding/ logistics industry under his flagship company Dart Express established in Sri Lanka in 1983. His career foundation in Sri Lanka, keen business acumen and humility is what has solidified his professional and personal success thus far. His family resides in Sydney, Australia whilst he operates from Dart Global Logistics Group headquartered in Singapore. Wijesundera frequents Sri Lanka every quarter and has all intentions to return to Sri Lanka one day. He opines Sri Lanka is a blessed country that provides the best of both worlds in terms of its beauty and convenience in lifestyle. It is for this reason that his “spirit is forever attached to Sri Lanka” being his beloved motherland.

With the recent developments in the country resulting in decline in investment activity, developers and real estate leaders are confident that the market will stabilize in the coming months and Sri Lanka’s real estate will regain its “leading market” status in South Asia, as it offers passive investors high capital gains and rental yields in excess of real estate markets in developed nations.

Wijesundera has invested in a duplex sky bungalow from Capitol TwinPeaks which is expected to be ready in December 2020. “I originally decided to purchase a single apartment unit at Capitol TwinPeaks, but then opted for the very unique duplex sky bungalow, as it allows for far more spacious interiors that are more akin to that of a stand-alone home, but is complemented by the added benefit of the apartment views, lifestyle and conveniences.”

“Sanken is a known and trusted company. As a reputed builder in Sri Lanka, I have no qualms as far as the deliverables are concerned. I look forward to spending Christmas 2020 with my wife and family at my Capitol Twin Peaks duplex,” concluded Wijesundera. Synonymous with several landmark high rises around Sri Lanka, Sanken has contributed to a majority of Colombo’s skyline; with over 17 subsidiaries complementing the Company’s overall expertise in real estate; as well as presence in over 12 countries.

Expat buyers of the 438 unit apartment project are mainly drawn to Capitol TwinPeaks due to its convenient central location, with proximity to hospitals and supermarkets; impeccable safety & security; quality in-house facilities for entertaining guests; its 360 degree views of the Beira Lake, Indian Ocean, Lotus Tower and Colombo’s cityscape; and most importantly – price point and the value for money offering affordability.